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Grove Heritage Nursery

Preserving Australia’s largest collection of ‘heritage’ apple trees.

Located on 28ha in the heart of Tasmania’s apple growing mecca of the Huon Valley, Grove Heritage Nursery brings a unique gift to the community — Australia’s largest collection of ‘heritage’ apple trees.

Approximately 850 varieties of pome fruit have been cultivated and maintained at Grove Heritage Nursery since its inception in 1951. In recent years research has extended into stone fruit, berries, floriculture and organics – with a focus on developing new cultivars, improving orchard systems and exploring alternative strategies for pest and disease management.

Grove works in partnership with our Tahune Fields Nursery, which grows in excess of 200,000 apple trees and stone fruit trees for orchardists each year.

Sustainability is important to us at OAK and Grove Heritage Nursery allows us to help maintain biodiversity through Australia’s heritage apple varieties. The concept of biodiversity sits at the heart of OAK, by preserving the growing needs of the individual, we add to the possibilities of the whole.

OAK Training and Development run programs at the Grove site to help young people with a disability build their skills and confidence on the path to employment. Find out more about the training opportunities at Grove here or contact us for a chat.

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