Henry’s Kitchen Calling

Henry has taken major steps towards his goal of a career in the hospitality industry.

Already participating in IT training with OAK, in late 2015 Henry approached us to ask how we could support him to achieve his goal of a career in hospitality. He had been pursuing this goal for several years and despite many successes along the way, he had yet to find a long term paid position.

Motivated and capable, Henry met with OAK Case Management to create a plan. After identifying his goals, he increased participation in the OAK Transition to Work program and began volunteering with Meals on Wheels.

In March 2016 a work placement at Bistro 19 became available, working alongside Head Chef Mike Edgerton. Taking full advantage of the opportunity, Henry began assisting Mike in the kitchen. Initially receiving support from OAK alongside him during placement, Henry began to gain confidence in his role. He has now come to a point where support staff are no longer needed and he continues to do work experience at Bistro 19 with the possibility of paid employment in the future.

Henry has enjoyed taking on new experiences, facing them with humour and taking challenges in his stride.

“My working experience has been great of late, I mean sometimes there are some slow days and things go wrong but nothing colossal has gone down yet!”

As well Bistro 19, Henry has taken on work experience as a kitchen hand at Hamlet café in Hobart, where he has been working on his skills.

“I’ve learnt a lot about food and improving my dishwashing and slicing work.”

Together with the practical work experience, Henry is continuing computer courses at OAK and completing his formal hospitality training.

“I’m taking a course with MEGT on hospitality. Right now I am trying to find work and after that I’m looking to move into my first apartment.”

Henry is taking steps to move forward towards his goals and is feeling positive about the future.

“I feel OAK is a good fit for me right now … I am really making my way to something better right now.”

Henry participates in the Transition to Work and OAK Community programs.