In November 2015 Henry Holgate

In November 2015 Henry Holgate approached OAK and asked how we could support his goal of finding paid work in the hospitality industry. Henry had been chasing his dream for several years and despite many successes along the way, he had yet to find a long term paid position. Henry was already attending OAK one day a week to participate in IT training through the OAK RTO and was familiar with our Transition to Work program. Henry met with OAK Case Management and identified finding paid work and getting fitter as his goals. He began attending an extra day in the Transition to Work program, volunteering with Meals on Wheels in the morning and training at the YMCA in the afternoon. It was obvious from the start that Henry was a very motivated and capable young man.

In March 2016 a work placement with Head Chef Mike Edgerton of Bistro 19 was identified and Henry eagerly took advantage of the opportunity. He began assisting Mike in the kitchen each week, which has continued at his insistence. OAK staff supported Henry initially and as Henry gained confidence in his role, staff got to a point where they were no longer needed. There is also the possibility of paid employment in the distant future.

At present Henry is also gaining work experience as a kitchen hand at the Hamlet. Henry is also currently completing a Hospitality Course through MEGT.