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Mailhouse Tasmania

Specialised bulk mailing services for government and private businesses.

Mailhouse Tasmania is a leading supplier of bulk mailing services for government departments and businesses (large and small) throughout Tasmania and beyond. We combine technology, flexibility and teamwork to produce high productivity and quality results for your business.

We are equipped to handle the most complex mail projects, including the following tailored services:

Database Management

We offer expertise in database management and cleansing, our customers are guaranteed to reach their target audience and achieve the best results from their direct marketing efforts.

Inserting & Collating

With hands for detail, we specialise in tailored mail processing. No matter how many elements, folds or unusual shapes we are always up for the job, we can fold, staple, insert, label, collate (both OMR and barcode controlled), seal, envelope, sort, stamp, and most importantly send!

Printing & Distribution

From printing to copying and direct marketing advice, Mailhouse Tasmania prides itself on our reliable, cost-effective mail processing solutions. We offer a complete process from preparing your job, to sending it out and can even open and sort responses.

Distribution Warehouse

Mailhouse Tasmania also offers a secure warehousing and distribution facility for everything from posters and DVD’s, to calendars, books and promotional materials. We monitor stock levels electronically and send out reports monthly so you know exactly what’s gone where.

Mailhouse Tasmania uses a 100% degradable plastic ‘biowrap’ for all of its plastic enveloping of magazines and other publications.

What makes Mailhouse Tasmania truly unique is that all of the above tasks are fueled by a wonderful team of focused, devoted Tasmanians living with a disability.

“People use our services because they are extremely efficient and reliable – and our price is very competitive. The fact that we have a dynamic team of individuals with disabilities producing the work, is just another feather in our cap.”

– Michael O’Flaherty, Divisional Manager Mailhouse Tasmania

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