Awards and Achievements Grow

The prestigious Duke of Edinburgh International Award program has concluded, culminating with an award presentation ceremony at Government House.

Image: L-R Aidan Chick, Shane Lord, CEO Drew Beswick, Callum Grundy, Steve Halloran, Her Excellency Governor of Tasmania, Steve Buckley, Kristy Brady, Alexander MacDonald, Megan Webb, Cameron Barwick and Adam Knowles.
Image courtesy of Government House. 

Oak award recipients were treated to a professional hair and makeup session before being joined at the Government House by Oak Possability CEO Drew Beswick, Board Chairman Julie Rimes, Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award State Manager Steve Halloran, staff members, family and friends. Everyone witnessed The Governor of Tasmania, Honourable Kate Warner AC present the awards. The event also provided an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the achievements of all the work completed by award recipients over the year.

The award program is run by Oak Training and Development, the first Tasmanian disability services provider to be licensed for the award. Launching in 2016 with 5 participants, the number almost doubled to 9 participants in 2017, with two 2016 Bronze Award recipients returning this year to achieve their Silver Award.

The internationally recognised award is designed to equip young people with skills for life and work, such as perseverance, community participation, responsibility and self-empowerment.

Program Coordinator Karita Casimaty was full of praise for the recipients.

“The group really challenged themselves with their goals, so we broke them down into achievable steps and they did it!”

“I am in awe of their accomplishments! There is a noticeable difference in everyone’s confidence, willingness to try new and different tasks, and a comradery between everyone. There has been so many challenges this year and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of families/carers, friends, and of course the award recipients,” she said.

Miss Casimaty thinks the program will become even bigger next year.

“There is already talk of gold awards for 2018!”

The award is made up of four different components to complete during the year with each component tailored to suite the individual, providing motivation and inspiration.

Service – Challenge yourself to be a responsible, caring member of the community.
Physical Recreation – Challenge yourself to improve your, health, fitness and performance.
Skills – Challenge yourself to improve your skills and widen your interests.
Adventurous Journey – Challenge yourself to journey and explore with your eyes open.

This year for service the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Participants worked together to raise money for the cancer council by having a car wash, and also attended the Relay for Life. It was incredibly moving as each participant had experienced a loved one who had passed away, and was a positive way to deal with their grief. They have already started fundraising for next year.

For the adventurous journey, this year participants went on an expedition to Maria Island for 4 days, where they camped and explored the natural rock formations. Tasks were set daily, such as; cooking each meal, going hiking, experiencing different animals and learning about the history and ghost stories on the island. It was a quite challenging as the majority of the group had not been away from home before, or had not been away for that duration of time.


Congratulations to all of the award recipients for their achievements.

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