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OAK Community Services

Building daily rhythms of genuinely fulfilling experience….reconnecting with ourselves, each other and the community….

305One of the ongoing challenges for Tasmanians with a disability (and their caregivers) is to create opportunities for enriching life experience and meaningful interaction with the community… on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

OAK Community Services was designed specifically with this great need in mind. We recognise that genuinely positive experiences are like gold on the path, so our fundamental aim is to offer safe and supported doorways into just such meaningful endeavor… To support the needs, skills and special interests of our individuals, while opening the path of new possibility for all.


With a dynamic team of deeply committed support workers, and an ever-evolving calendar of both venue-based and community activities, OAK Community Services celebrates every opportunity to foster new levels of trust, meaningful friendship and genuine sense of community.Our activities range from practical skill development and personal growth to recreation and artistic expression… from day trips to the beach or to a wildlife park.This creates variety plus stability, with a deep undercurrent of encouragement and sense of belonging for all involved. Our programmes tap into groups of all ages, interests and abilities.

A few of our services and activities include:

  • Swimming
  • Personal development
  • Art and craft
  • Ten pin bowling
  • Community education
  • Musical expression
  • Food preparation
  • Fishing
  • Communication skills/language
  • Horticultural skills
  • Woodwork skills
  • Sailing
  • Money management
  • Computer skills
  • FitnessIMG_6677
  • Sewing
  • Photography