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OAK Community

Enriching life experiences. Learn new skills, gain independence, confidence and make new friends.

OAK Community creates opportunities for enriching life experiences.

We encourage participants to try new experiences, to stretch themselves and develop to their full potential. Programs range from practical skill development and personal growth, to recreation and artistic expression. Participants gain confidence and independence, improve wellbeing, make new friends and have a lot of fun.

Activities are tailored to appeal to different age groups, interests and abilities. You can participate in group activities or have individual support.

In addition, each season we run pop-up programs which may include attendance at special events or a taster to try something new. Participants can also get involved in projects.

Specialist staff

OAK Community programs are developed and delivered by qualified experienced staff, so you can be confident you or your family member is in a safe and supportive environment. Our staff are recruited from a wide range of specialist backgrounds to ensure they have the required subject matter expertise.


There are five streams of programs:

Learning and Life Skill Development

Programs are designed to connect you with your community and enhance independence. Our educational programs develop foundational skills to prepare participants for further studies.

Sport and Recreation

Our indoor and outdoor activities will help keep you active all year round. Best of all, they are lots of fun! Some activities vary according to the time of the year and weather conditions.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is the foundation of a good life. OAK provides education and experiences that make a healthy life achievable and enjoyable

Arts and Culture

OAK’s creative tutors bring out the artist in everyone. Programs cater for a range of interests from creating arts and crafts, to music or drama performance and visiting museums and galleries.

Transition to Retirement

Create a plan for your next stage of life, develop your hobbies and make new friends.

Programs change each year according to the level of interest of participants, what’s available in the community and weather. 

OAK Community Shed

The OAK Community Shed is open to male and female participants, offering year round programs and projects involving wood, metal and leather work. As a member of the Men’s Shed Association, the Shed also provides valuable opportunities to socialise and make new friends in a supportive environment.

Where are these programs available?

Programs are generally community-based in and around the Hobart area. Some programs are held at our Derwent Park site including the OAK Community Shed.

What are the program hours?

Most activities are held during business hours, Monday to Friday, with some programs being delivered on weekends. Days and hours are flexible and can be negotiated to meet individual needs.

How do I access OAK Community?

Services can be accessed using funding from NDIS support plans or a state government package. You can also choose to self-fund your program.

If you are eligible for the NDIS but don’t yet have a Participant Plan, visit the National Disability Insurance Agency website or contact them on 1800 800 110 for more information.

Latest Programs

RAFT 2017

Brush off holiday boredom and make new friends by joining RAFT.

RAFT (Recreation and Fun Tasmania) is a week long program offered during holiday and closure periods aiming to create connections in the community, develop relationships, building confidence and independence, but ultimately is it about adventure and having fun!

The January program has now been completed. The next program is offered Tuesday 18th – Friday 21st April 2017.

Download a RAFT 2017 brochure for more information.

OAK Bowling Competition

Due to the success of the first bowling competition that began in February, we are holding another round. The next competition begins in May so register your interest now!

Download the flyer for information and how to register.

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If you have any suggestions of activities you would like us organise, please let us know. We welcome feedback and are always open to new ideas.

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