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Oakdale Industries

Premium range timber products (from floorboards to chopping blocks!) by Tasmanian’s with disabilities

OAK Tasmania_Oakdale Industries2At Oakdale Industries, we’re all about providing the highest quality products and genuine service at the most realistic prices. Our state-of-the-art equipment and dynamic team enables us to respond to market demands and special client requests, working with all sizes and quantities of timber – from full-scale production to custom-made, non-standard pieces.While our joinery section is small, we are able to produce excellent kitchenware such as chopping boards, cheese platters and customised pieces. We specialise in working closely with gourmet food providores and other Tasmanian speciality suppliers, to provide beautiful unique pieces for their clientele.

With an ever-growing list of local, national and international customers (timber merchants, wholesalers, builders and garden warriors), our product range includes:

  • T&G flooring (strip and sverlay)
  • Parquetry flooring
  • Skirtings, architraves and door jambs
  • Wine and gift boxes
  • Lattice and garden stakes,
  • Kitchen pieces, cheeseboards and drink coasters

OAK Tasmania_Oakdale IndustriesOak-5909The majority of our products are manufactured from Tasmanian OAK (hardwood) and radiata pine (softwood),but we can also work with Tasmanian minor species, including blackwood, myrtle, celery top pine and sassafras (black heart and white).

What makes Oakdale Industries unique is that most our employees are Tasmanians living with a disability.We run certified training programs in quality assurance and safety, and our managers are devoted to premium production and enriching experiences for the team. En route to empowering our team with practical tools and a real sense of purpose, we’ve managed to build, an extremely viable business – feeding any operating surplus back the OAK Tasmania.

“It’s powerful stuff to see the team working with such a sense of purpose. For many, it gives them a reason to get up in the morning and they feel like they are making a genuine contribution to the community – which they are! Our heart and soul is to make sure our people have smiles on their faces at the end of the day. The fact that we do that by giving them a sense of purpose and learning skills while creating valuable products for a viable business… it’s a win-win for everyone… And one of the reasons I myself continue to look forward to work each day.”

– John Hollis, Divisional Manager Oakdale Industries