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Our Businesses

Empowering the path of purpose, passion and genuine contribution.

At OAK, we recognise that fulfillment can come from a sense of purpose and contributing to the community.

For many Tasmanians with a disability, the options for expanding their experience through meaningful work can appear limited.

OAK is unique in that not only do we provide a full range of lifestyle services, we also offer genuine training and employment through several OAK owned businesses known as Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs’). These businesses are dedicated to producing quality products while offering people with a disability a step towards independence. Our history is grounded in these community based industries and our businesses have been established in the Tasmanian community for decades.

Our businesses:

Oakdale Industries – A premium range of timber products – from floorboards to chopping blocks.

Walkabout Industries – Recycling and shredding paper, bagging firewood and producing potting mixture.

Mailhouse Tasmania – Specialised bulk mailing services for government and private businesses.

OAK Sewing Services – Sewing and over-locking for hospitals, schools, businesses and sporting clubs.


Each business offers valuable service to individuals and the community. Any operating surplus is channeled back into ongoing OAK programs and initiatives.

If you are interested in employment at one of our businesses, please get in touch with us. View the contact details for our businesses.


We are registered with BuyAbility, an initiative of National Disability Services (NDS) aimed at growing supported employment and celebrate the successes of the sector as a significant social and economic contributor to the local community.



“Our major purpose for being is to have a positive impact and contribution to the lives of people with disabilities… The successful businesses we have created in the process are in many ways a by-product of this deeper commitment. By focusing on the needs of our people first and foremost – by making sure we have a happy morale, safety culture second to none, a staff that is waking up saying, ‘I want to go to work,’ for all the right reasons – we have laid the groundwork for a truly successful businesses… And it shows across the board.”

John Hollis –  Sales, Marketing and Training Manager, Oakdale Industries.

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