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Our Services

At OAK we offer a range of services created to provide genuine opportunities for people with a disability, supporting individual needs to open the door to new possibilities.

For many people with a disability, it can be easy to feel isolated from the community and rich life experiences. At OAK, we recognise the role that primary care givers have in creating genuine life opportunities for those they care for and strive to create an environment of safe, nurtured support. We work with you to foster trust, connection, friendship, learning and new possibilities on all levels.

We empower people with a disability to make their own decisions, with the support of family and community networks to unlock potential and participate as valued and equal members of the community. We recognise the real person beyond their additional needs and understand that each person has individual goals and aspirations, not a one size fits all approach.

Our specialised team provides quality services that are based on best practice and flexible to meet your needs.

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