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OAK Residential

Building bridges to empowerment….. Independent living

For many Tasmanians with a disability, living independently is a concept that is perhaps dreamed of but rarely realised – for reasons of safety, stability and questions of “what if something went wrong?”

For those who have taken part in OAK Residential since it began in the early 80’s, the concept of independent and supported-living is a fully blossoming reality.100_0417

OAK Residential currently has three supported-living homes, each of which house a small group of individuals requiring minimal (but consistent) support. These are not institutions with large populations and an overbearing structure. These are intimate communities (3-5 people plus part time caregiver) of like-spirited individuals seeking a fuller and more independent life.

With each household, we seek to match individuals based on their overall readiness as well as genuine compatibility with others in the house.Our fundamental aim is to build lasting communities of mutual support, companionship and shared responsibility.

OAK Residential also prides itself on providing short to long-term support individuals who are ready and take the next step, to full independent living in the community.

As with each of the other branches of OAK Tasmania, OAK Residential is fundamentally driven by a passion for responding to the needs of the individual, while empowering steps toward genuine independence, community connection and overall fulfilment in life.

OAK Respite

Bringing peace-of-mind and genuine rejuvenation to the caregivers of Tasmanian’s with disabilities

Amidst growing efforts to bring real support and opportunities to the lives of Tasmanians with disabilities, there is a group that is often overlooked… the families and primary carers of those individuals.Derwent Valley Fishing, 2007

At OAK Tasmania, we honour the role that family and caregivers play – giving beyond measure in seen and unseen ways. We also know how easy it can be to postpone or sacrifice personal balance whilst ensuring the well being of a loved one.

The purpose of OAK Respite is to help balance the scales! We provide a host of genuine, enlivening social opportunities for people with disabilities, with the simultaneous aim of supporting the primary caregivers.

While we would never claim to replace the priceless gift of family, OAK Respite is devoted to honouring the special needs of the individual AND their primary caregiver… so that everyone wins. We do this through a variety of fully supervised initiatives including:

  • regular Friday evening and Saturday morning respite groups (social nights out, computer and internet access, friendship development and exploring personal interests).
  • emergency respite.
  • overnight respite (small group excursions and overnight experiences in and around the Hobart area).

“To see the look on the faces of family members after a day of full rejuvenation – having relaxed with the peace-of-mind that their charge was being very well cared for – is a huge gift to everyone. The ‘cared-for’ comes home enriched from their experience in the program, and the “carers” emerge with infinitely more to give, ready to re-embrace and continue their passionate role”.