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Residential & Respite

Building bridges to independent living.


Our residential services began in the early 1980’s, with the concept of independent and supported-living as a reality for our participants who are seeking a full and more independent life.

We currently have three supported-living homes, each of which house a small group of individuals requiring minimal (but consistent) support. We seek to match individuals based on their overall readiness as well as genuine compatibility with others in a household. Our fundamental aim is to build lasting communities of mutual support, companionship and shared responsibility.

These properties can also act as short to long-term support for individuals who are ready to take the next step towards independent living.


Respite, or short term accommodation, can bring peace-of-mind and genuine rejuvenation to caregivers of Tasmanian’s with a disability.

Families and primary caregivers can sometimes use support, with the purpose of respite being to help balance those scales. We provide genuine social opportunities for our residents, while simultaneously supporting primary caregivers.

Our respite is dedicated to the needs of the individual and their primary caregiver through a variety of fully supervised initiatives including:

  • Regular weekend group activities (social nights out, computer and internet access, friendship development and exploring personal interests).
  • Emergency respite.
  • Overnight respite (small group excursions and overnight experiences in and around the Hobart area).

“To see the look on the faces of family members having relaxed with the peace-of-mind is a huge positive for everyone. Residents and their primary care-givers both feel refreshed from the experience.” – Respite Staff Member

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