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Tahune Fields Nursery

Nurturing the seeds of tomorrow’s orchards….

Tahune Fields Nursery is a celebrated producer of high quality pome and stone fruit trees for commercial orchardists around Tasmania and Australia. Based in the fertile soils of the Huon Valley in Tasmania, we grow over 200,000 young apple, pear and stone fruit trees every year, before sending them out to be planted in the ground by local and interstate growers.

Award Winning Service

Oak-5952The success measure of each OAK Tasmania division is found in its ability to serve both the individuals involved and the community as a whole. Tahune Fields Nursery is a stand-out in this regard, providing a naturally stimulating training and work environment for all of its team members, while contributing a genuinely positive service to fruit growers (and therefore fruit eaters!) all around the country.

As the winner of Tasmanian Community Achievement Award in the category of Primary Industry and Agriculture,Tahune was specifically acknowledged for its success in national and international export, while making a positive impact on the local community and state of Tasmania.

Expanding (and Protecting) Our Roots……

In the same way that a growing tree increases its fruit production each year, Tahune Fields Nursery continues to discover new ways to expand our offering to customers. Our services range from scientific (DNA testing of different apple varieties to preserve exclusive root stocks) to practical (producing pine apple bins and wooden pallets for fruit and other local industries) to downright innovative…Oak-5991

IMG_4640Recently we developed a unique way of delivering young apple trees to clients by packing the roots in moist sawdust instead of refrigerated containers – saving time and handling costs while massively improving the ease of planting and the quality of future growth. The growers (and the trees!) are thrilled.

As a licensed member of the Australian Nurserymen’s Fruit Improvement Company (ANFIC), Tahune Fields Nursery works in partnership with plant breeders and new variety owners internationally. We are grateful to have exclusive access to new and heritage varieties of apples, pears and other fruits from around the world, helping us remain uniquely competitive in the nursery market.

At our very roots, the way we grow our fruit trees is reflective of how we nurture the spirit of our supported team members. Each individual is honoured for the role they play while being ever encouraged to branch out in new directions… We offer certificate level training in a wide variety of industry specific skills, delivered by OAK Tasmania’s RTO.

“It is said that the early days of a tree’s life plays a vital role in the fruit it will one day bear. Much like a person, when a tree is given the right amount of support and space to grow… it thrives. Such is the way for the trees and the supported team of Tahune Fields.

When you stop and consider that each one of these trees will go on to produce hundreds of flowers and fruit each year, and that every piece of fruit carries seeds for future trees to grow… you begin to get a sense for OAK Tasmania’s overall commitment to growth and service – both in the lives of Tasmanians with disability and the community beyond.”