What has changed for Henry Holgate

Well for one thing I have a work placement at the Claremont Golf Club on Fridays, and in Hamlet’s training course I’ve learnt a lot about food and improving my dishwashing and slicing work I think. My working experience has been great of late I mean sometimes there are some slow days and things go wrong but nothing colossal has gone down yet.

Also I’m taking a course with MEGT on hospitality. Right now I am trying to find work and after that I’m looking to move into my first apartment. Also I’m still taking computer courses at OAK and things could be going better (like finding anything on the damn internet).

I feel OAK is a good fit for me right now if only Michael (at Bistro 19) would find something better than hovering over me like a DAMN HAWK. I am really making my way to something better right now I’m almost sure of it.

I should probably upload a more up to date form of my current resume and remember more shit in the future (I forgot my phone twice at home).